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Chapter 1

Written by Michelle Parrish

Theodore woke in a puddle of mud and blood. His head was pounding and his arm broken.

"Where ...

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Chapter 2

Written by Alex

It was a Monday morning 8:00 o'clock am Theodore got out of bed. He said time to go to work he get’s into the car and drives to the pentagon. ...

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Chapter 3

Written by Kevin

Everything went dead silent. I looked around at the ruins. Fire, broken computers everywhere and tvs scattered all over the yard. I hear a noise that just about blows my ear drums. I look up there is a Messerschmitt 323 "Giant. The biggest german war plane that there is just flew over head with the president inside. Did they get the money? Did they just use that as an excuse to kidnap him? I will find him. (4 days later) I just landed in Berlin Germany. I took a brief look around. I see this large building so catch myself mumbling "mineaswell go check it out." I open the big metel doors that feel heaveir then a car. I step inside and I see Edward Riechtofen! "Where is the president?" I say very stern like. He has a very crackly laugh "hahaha we are interrogating him now then once we get the information we need we are gunna BLOW AMERICA TO PIECES!" "no you wont" I feel the ground rumble and I hurry outside. I look up and there goes the rocket to america. Ive failed. Ive let everyone down. I hear a bang. I look down and theres a hole in my chest. BANG BANG. I take my last breath to say " ...

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Chapter 4

Written by Garrette

The war started I know this in my heart the germans started the war of the age, Booms go off all over the place. I tryed to call my family in this time of need all the servic is gone, The germans got us by serprise. we had no persident, and the secertary of defence is now making a plan I surpose. I yelled " get into a bunker if you have one, get into your house. If you don't you most likely will die. Then I went to the air port, I looked in all the hangers the plains where all gone but one a old wwII plane. All of the ammo where filled so I tolk to the skys. The germans were untraind and weak , so I hade no trouble talking them down then I see one. The bigest one of the air ships as tryed it seemed more advantced thn any thing I evey seen it looked like a space ship. I tryed to shot it then something happened. It ame back at me and did some damage. I tryed to go the other way then there was a bright light, ne wolk up in ari day with all my lims broken ...


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