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Crash Landing (BW-949) -$9.99

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Ryan’s life as he knows it is about to turn upside down. After he’s forced to leave his home on the spaceship, Ryan crash lands into a world different from his own. He’s going to have to fight to survive and hopefully find home.

This book was created by young writers at Plaza Park Middle School and supervised by Christina Ingram.

Published: 11/28/2012 12:00:00 AM

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Chapter 1

Written by Ella Kennen

Before Ryan could register the meaning of the alarm sirens and flashing lights, his uncle was already dragging him into the back compartment of the ship. With a speed and fury Ryan had never seen before, Uncle Ed pried open a giant utility box and dumped the contents onto the deck.

"What ...

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Chapter 2

Written by DeOntre

Ryan and the girl sprinted to a wooded area they felt was safe. The roaring sound seemed to become louder and louder. Ryan couldn't help but to turn and look as they ran. "Let's head to your house!" the girl whispered in a trembling voice.

Running ...

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Chapter 3

Written by Jared

Ryan and Emily decided to go back where the monsters chased them into the forest. They found the footprints of the beast. They were huge, the were in the shape of claws. At the tips of the toes were dug in holes which must have been the claws of the beast. They were about two inches deep. They walked on to where the beast first per suited them. After a while of looking around, Ryan remembered that the monster looked like a tree. He looked into the tree that the beast came from, and shockingly he found two eggs. The beast must have thought they were attacking. Just as he starting looking at the eggs, Emily squealed and Ryan heard the sound of a roar. Ryan turned around to see a huge tiger looking beast staring at him. It was about four or five times bigger than him. It had its huge teeth bared at him. Ryan turned and started running as fast as he could. Emily also ran with him. This time the monster did not chase after them. After a few seconds of running Ryan stopped to look behind him. The beast was inside the tree looking at the eggs. It was not clear that it was attacking them because that was its nest, and it's very territorial. Ryan and Emily had decided to just leave it alone and go back. Once they got back they were both starving. They walked back to Burrito Land and got about 10 burritos and ate all of them. After they finished eating they decided that is was only noon and they had nothing to do. Now, they decided to explore the crash site to find if Ryan's uncle was in fact still alive, possibly stuck out in the woods somewhere. ...

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Chapter 4

Written by Zabrea

Then Ryan and Emily walked to the crash site and explored the woods around the site. Ryan searched around the trees that didn’t look like trees. Emily went to search by the box that Ryan came in.
“Find ...

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Chapter 5

Written by trevor

The next day Ryan, Emily, and Ed all went to Burrito Land for breakfast. They were proud to see the tiger-looking beast that they had caught was displayed in Burrito Land. Ed liked it too. When they finished up at Burrito Land they went to Walthers Golf and Fun and played 18 rounds on the golf course. Ed was so happy to be having fun with his nephew. After they were done everyone went home. Ryan sent text messages to Emily the rest of the night and by morning they were going out. Ryan was so happy and could barely wait to meet with Emily at Burrito Land for lunch the next day. It was kind of awkward since they were only 10 and 9. Ryan’s mom spied on him the whole time to make sure nothing happened.
Ten ...


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