Plaza Park Middle School

Evansville, Indiana, United States

Crash Landing (BW-951) -$9.99

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Ryan’s life as he knows it is about to turn upside down. After he’s forced to leave his home on the spaceship, Ryan crash lands into a world different from his own. He’s going to have to fight to survive and hopefully find home.

This book was created by young writers at Plaza Park Middle School and supervised by Christina Ingram.

Published: 11/28/2012 12:00:00 AM

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Chapter 1

Written by Ella Kennen

Before Ryan could register the meaning of the alarm sirens and flashing lights, his uncle was already dragging him into the back compartment of the ship. With a speed and fury Ryan had never seen before, Uncle Ed pried open a giant utility box and dumped the contents onto the deck.

"What ...

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Chapter 2

Written by Emani

They started to run without looking back . They found a hinding place , and they hid . Ryan asked the girl what her name was . Her response was "Emily ....... Emily Wooferk ." Ryan and his uncle Ed asked Emily "why did she tell them to run ?" She said because there was a giant green hairy monster behind them ." As they started to walk out from there hiding spot , Emily spotted the monster again.

She ...

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Chapter 3

Written by Cassandra

“I am really scared what if we never find my parents and your uncle?” said Emily

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Chapter 4

Written by Evan

As Ryan and Emily started to run they ran into a small old house to hide. When they walked in they found a lot of guns. They found two 44 magnums, a shot gun, and they found two m16's, ammo, gernades, 2 knives, and a first aid kit. They walked out the back door and then walked around to the back door of the green hairy monster hide out. They walked under the conveyor belt. When they were crawling they saw the king green hairy monster and the queen green hairy monster. Ryan told Emily to throw a sticky gernade at the queen and he was going to throw a sticky gernade at the king. They counted to three then they threw it at both of them and they both stuck. The queen and king both blew up. Ryan told Emily if they were dead then the other green hairy monsters would not know what to do. When they got to the end of the conveyor belt they saw four green hairy monster asleep ryan thought of a plan quick. He told Emily to stab the two green hairy monsters on the left side of her parents, and his uncle. While he would stab the other two on the other side. Emily told Ryan to be careful we don't want the green hairy monsters to wake up he said good thanking. They both stabed them and then they untied their parents. There parents hugged them and then told them thank you. ...

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Chapter 5

Written by Cassandra

Ed walked away from the group like he was drawn to it. Ryan and everyone else didn't notice that Ed disappeared into the cave. Ryan and Emily handed everyone a weapon to protect them from anymore green, hairy, ugly monsters. They found Ed when he ran into Ryan.
Ryan ...


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