Golden Learning Centre

Balmertown, Outside US, Canada

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Chapter 1

Written by Michelle Parrish

She almost didn't notice it. Really, if she hadn't turned her head toward the laughter of her friends, she wouldn't have noticed the red binder peeking out from under last night's snow.

Flapping ...

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Chapter 2

Written by Aaron

Then there was a huge flash. Something that blinded me and hand me thrown to the ground. I managed to same my face from hitting the hard concrete floor. My sight slowly comes back and it's dark and and misty. Looks like a tactical nuke just went off but that wouldn't make sense because the radiation would have killed me. This doesn't make sense I need to find out what happening all my class mates are gone i'm the only one here. There a board over the windows and glowing outlines of guns on the wall. I have some sort of number counter on the bottom left of my eye sight. This makes no sense there are ticks beside the number count. Then I hear something. (Voice announcer) (Well hello there little minion your probably wondering were you are arnt you? Well let me explain this to you. You see that number count? That is your point count every zombie you kill it will go up. Now what can you do with these points? Those outlines on the wall are guns you go up to it and it will show you the amount of points it cost's to buy and if you have enough well buy it. You can also upgrade your gun with something called Pack a Punch but im not going to tell you were that is you stumble apon it. Now what about those ticks beside those points? That's the round counter each wave of zombie's you clear it will increase by one. After ten ticks in will convert to number for obvious reasons. Now solder get out there. Oh and your probably wondering were I am. Well I cant tell you that but just keep in mind that im talking to you threw the sky. That makes no sense to you but get over it. BEGIN) I think he is done talking but zombies? I need answers and this point things make no sense. Then I hear it. ARRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH. Is that what I think it is? I cant be this can only be a dream. But then I see it. It's lashing threw the boards. It's flesh burnt and weak. It's Clothes seem to be some sort of nazi solder out fit. Could these be undead solders from the war? It cant be but it's threw the window now. I run towards the glowing gun outline. (500 POINTS) I have exactly 500 points. Woah this is the first time I have ever held a gun. I stood there admiring the shiny MK14. Then I hear another scream ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I whip around and start spraying. I miss every shot then it get me. I scream in agony but then I close my eyes and drift off. Then I hear it (Voice announcer) You have been givin a second chance but this time don't stand there and look at your rifle. GO) I get thrown up to my feet my hearts pumping again but everything has been reset. My points back to 500 and the ticks back to one. The boards back on. Then it starts ARRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHH. I run to get the MK14 as soon as I get it I whip around again and take off all 9 zombie's head's with one clip. Then the tics increase. There are now 2 ticks glowing and lighting up. ARRUGH! Then I see a bus outside but I cant get to it. There is door in my way. (750 POINTS TO OPEN) I open it in a rush and run to the bus door. There's a robot buss driver that seems to be degrading. his mouth opens ( WELCOME ABOARD) ...

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Chapter 3

Written by Alexia

Welcome Aboard, Welcome Aboard, I repeat those words inside my head until I finally realize someone is actually saying it, not me. ...


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