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Our teaching tools all use our unique collaborative writing and voting process.

BoomWriter is perfect for any classroom or group and is ideal for various subjects, including ELA, History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects!

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Everybody Writes,
Everybody Votes!

Whether you’re writing stories, developing vocabulary, or conducting a project, each student writes and submits their entry. Once all entries are in, each student then casts their vote for the best version.

This simple idea allows students to develop and enhance their writing, reading, vocabulary, and peer assessment skills all at the same time--and in a fun and interactive way!

More Than Writing... It’s Free Too!

BoomWriter is more than simply the best group-writing tool! BoomWriter is a fun, easy to manage, and academically-impactful way to bring technology into your classroom and get your students engaged.

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    BoomWriter is easy & free for teachers to use!

    1. The teacher selects a story start or inserts his or her own first chapter, and the students use their skills, knowledge and creativity to forward the piece.
    2. One chapter at a time, the students write, read, and then vote on the submissions they like the most. The winning submission is added to the piece and the process continues.
    3. The teacher determines the total number of chapters to be completed, and when the competition is over a new book is ready to be published.
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    It was an effective instructional tool for my classroom because teachers can teach mini lessons that focus on craft, style, characteristics of genres, and then students can apply what they have learned by completing a story start.

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