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Do you like to write?

Do you have dreams of getting some of your work published? How about the chance to co-write a book with a celebrity? How about sharing your stories with other kids from all over the world? Are you ever bored and looking for something to do? Will improving your writing help you do even better in school? Do you want to write what you want to write?

If you answered "yes", "yup", "sure", "certainly", "uh huh", "indeed", "affirmative" or even, "You got that right!" to any of these questions, then you should seriously consider joining BoomWriter.

It's free and easy to join up and get involved

What Do You Get?

Another good question!

The short answer is it depends on whether you subscribe to the Writing Club or not.

Free Membership

Signing up for free allows you to take part in your school's book competitions, take part in a limited number of Writing Club books, and of course you'll get your very own Boomer to customize.

Writing Club Subscription

Subscribing to BoomWriter literally opens up an entire world of fun for you! As a member you can take part in all of the celebrity book contests with other BoomWriters from around the globe. Plus, you get access to special avatars and even more chances to win cool prizes!!!

If that isn't enough, you'll get special Boomer options that only Writing Club members can access and 1 free book token to buy any book of your choice.

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Starter Writing Club
Unlimited access to member-only areas no yes
Exclusive Boomers and special avatar accessories yes yes
Access to Celebrity Guest Author competitions no yes
Additional competitions with great prizes and promotions yes yes
Receive one free book per year (a $9.99 value!!!) no yes
Participate with other BoomWriters from around the world in exciting story-writing competitions no yes
Receive your very own Boomer to customize yes yes
Access book competitions in your school* yes yes
Free $39.99

* Requires your school to register for free on BoomWriter


Join now to get your very own Boomer. Get writing on BoomWriter today and you could be a published author!

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Educators & Schools

BoomWriter is free for educators to use with their students. Join now to start group-writing activities today!

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