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So here's how it works...

It’s quite simple really.

We turn you into a real author by giving you a starting point to write your own chapters. You then vote on other authors’ chapters and the winners get published!

It’s that simple...

See exactly how it works...


It begins with a story start.

A story start is the first chapter of the book. The rest of the story is up to you.

The story start could be written by a professional writer, a teacher, you or your classmates, or maybe even a celebrity!


You write your version of Chapter 2.

Take the story where you like. The only limits are your imagination and a word count.

At the same time, other BoomWriters will be writing their own version of what happens next.


Submit your entry.

When you're done (and before the deadline), you submit your entry for review.

If it's accepted, you'll get points and BoomDollars. You'll use BoomDollars to purchase accessories for your Boomer avatar.


Vote, Vote, Vote!

You and the other BoomWriters vote on the entry you think is the best.

Of course you can't vote for your own entry, and you won't know whose entry it is you're voting for.

You may be able to vote more than once, which is good, as voting also earns you points and BoomDollars.


Did you win?

If so, then your entry becomes the official Chapter 2 of the book. If not, don't worry because there will be many more chances for you to win.


Read, write and then vote!

The competitions continue until the book is finished. Then, *Boom!* you're a published author!

A real book

The end result? A real book that you, your friends, family, and the whole world can buy. Imagine that, a book with your name in it that you helped write.