Oakland Unified School District Technology Heroes Program

Let your students participate in a web-based group writing project! When finished, BoomWriter will convert their work into a published book and provide all students with their very own free copy!

Whatever subject or grade you teach, Tech Heroes will provide your students with an engaging and academically beneficial educational technology experience.

  • An award-winning & easy-to-use educational technology
  • Boost student engagement & learning
  • Common Core aligned
  • A free published book for each student

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How does it work?

Take a quick tour of BoomWriter
  • 1Sign up now!
  • 2Attend the training – we'd love to meet you! – or watch the screencast from home
  • 3Let the fun begin as your students participate in a super engaging and academically beneficial group writing activity!
  • 4Simply hit "Publish" when the project is completed
  • 5The published books containing the names of all of your students will be shipped right to your classroom
  • 6Celebrate your students’ success. They are now published authors!

BoomWriter Training

Watch the screencast and learn how to conduct a BoomWriter story writing activity with your students!

BoomWriter in the Classrooom

BoomWriter is a flexible, standards-based instructional tool that can be used by teachers in various roles and integrated into a variety of curricula.

Using BoomWriter, students can experience the joy and motivation of writing creatively, while improving their understanding and skills pertaining to literature.

In addition to story writing, teachers can oversee imagined personal narrative projects or allow students to practice incorporating narrative elements into their arguments and/or informative/explanatory writing.

BoomWriter facilitates individualized feedback from teachers to students about their writing, and it also provides unique and effective editing opportunities for individual students, small groups, or entire classes.

BoomWriter can help you teach:

  • Literature and Story Writing
  • Personal Narrative Writing
  • Argument/Opinion Writing
  • Informative/Explanatory Writing

In pilot programs with teachers in Boston Public Schools and Chicago Public Schools last spring:

  • 95%indicated BoomWriter is an
    effective instructional tool
  • 97%agreed BoomWriter is
    easy for teachers to use

This Technology Heroes program has finished.

Contact Us

Have a question and/or would like to learn more? Send an email to Ken Haynes, Program Manager (and former teacher), at:

Introduce Tech Heroes to Students' Families

We've created a letter template that you can download and send home with students.

The letter outlines how BoomWriter works, the benefits of the Tech Heroes Program, and even has a place for students to record their BoomWriter account login details!

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Common Questions

What is BoomWriter?

BoomWriter is a free, award-winning education technology site that lets students produce written content collaboratively in a wide array of academic settings.

Who pays for the books?

The cost of the books are fully covered by the sponsors and BoomWriter. There are no costs for the teacher, the school, or Oakland Unified School District. It really is free, which is even more reason to not miss out!

Can I conduct other BoomWriter projects?

Of course! You are welcome to use BoomWriter as much as you’d like. However, only one of these projects will qualify for the Tech Heroes program, where each student receives a free copy. For those teachers with multiple sections of students, you may select one Tech Heroes project for each section.

Can I get extra copies of the books?
What about my students' parents?

Your free copies of qualifying books will automatically be shipped to your school. However, you and the parents of your students can easily purchase additional copies online via the BoomWriter Bookstore.

Who can take part?

This program is exclusive to Oakland Unified School District teachers and their students, and you must have a registered Oakland Unified School District email address to take part. Each participating Oakland Unified School District teacher and student will be eligible to receive one free Tech Heroes book.

Please direct additional questions to ken@boomwriter.com