Experience History Through ProjectWriter!

Explore History Through ProjectWriter!

Engage your History and Social Studies students through group-writing with ProjectWriter! Create a class textbook, easily incorporate key dates, facts, and terms, or use ProjectWriter for individual reports and research papers.

ProjectWriter’s flexibility means you can incorporate it for a single project or use it as a part of a larger unit of study.

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Built-In Vocabulary Tools

Specify which key dates, facts and terms you want your students to use by enabling the Word Bank feature. Students will be prompted to use the terms you've provided and once they've submitted their work you'll be able to easily monitor their usage and understanding of the key terms.


The process of students synthesizing what they have seen and/or learned in class while writing their own entry as directed by the teacher, incorporating key vocabulary, and then assessing the work of their classmates, will undoubtedly strengthen students’ overall learning and information retention levels.

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Enhance Understanding

Student collaboratively (and anonymously!) peer review and assess the work of their classmates by reading and voting for the entry that best conveys that section’s objectives. Combine this with a class review of the winning entry and you have a powerful tool to test and enhance understanding of key terms and concepts.

Motivate & Engage

BoomWriter facilitates individualized feedback from teachers to students for their written entries, while also allowing students to review the work of their peers. The result is a personalized learning experience for students and increased motivation and engagement levels. Students also earn participation points allowing them to “purchase” items to customize their personal avatars!

Example Uses

To help you get started, here’s just a few examples of different ways to use ProjectWriter in the Social Studies classroom. Of course, you may use it any way you like!

  • Pose a historical research topic or question to the class, then conduct a multi-section ProjectWriter activity letting students collaboratively write the research paper.
  • Each student conducts their own research for each section of the project before individually writing their entries to be reviewed by the teacher then shared with and assessed by their peers.
  • Conduct a class review of the winning entries and spark a discussion on how students conducted their research and interpreted the facts.
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Tell Us How You Use ProjectWriter!

Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear about the creative ways you use ProjectWriter in your history classes. Drop us a quick note with your feedback and help us improve - after all, BoomWriter is for you!


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