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Paperback Books Written by the Entire Class!

BoomWriter Books are unique, published paperback books that let students celebrate their collaborative writing accomplishments while also seeing all of their names in print!

How It Works

Each book begins with a Story Start, the opening chapter that sets the scene for an adventure, mystery, nail-biter, a good laugh, you name it!

Every student writes their version of what should happen next, before then reading and voting to decide the best entry (which is all anonymous, of course).

A Published Book!

This repeats one chapter at a time until the story is complete—where the story ultimately goes is determined by the collective writing talent and imaginations of the students!

Educational, Fun and Safe

BoomWriter delivers an interactive experience that enhances students’ understanding of key literary elements as they collaboratively create a real paperback book demonstrating the power of technology use in school!

BoomWriter activities are created in a closed digital environment that is overseen by and only accessible to the students’ teacher.

At BoomWriter we take the online safety and privacy of students seriously, and we never track or share any of our students’ details with any other site.