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Group Story-Writing that gets published!

Collaboratively create an original story with your class that can even be published as a real paperback book.

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Improved Writing Skills

Students will develop their narrative writing ability and understanding of literary elements including plot, characterization, theme, point of view, and more.

Engaged Students

Students are in complete control of the story including the characters, plot twists, and the conclusion.

BoomWriter helps you and your class celebrate their accomplishment by publishing the completed story as a paperback book that contains the names of all of the participating students.

ELA Awesome!

Books can be used for Creative Writing, Personal Narratives, and Classic Literature Retelling.

Plus, the unique yet simple Read-Write-Vote-Repeat process with its accompanying competitive element will motivate and engage all of your students.

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Simple Grading with Rubrics

Our standards-based rubrics let you easily assess your students' narrative writing at the upper elementary, middle and high school grade levels.

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