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Are you a teacher in the U.S. interested in earning additional income this summer?

With BoomWriter you can create, promote, and run your own online writing camp.

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BoomWriter has a simple, step-by-step process

BoomWriter takes care of everything.

Other Camp Leader Resources:

  • Narrative Fiction Writing Curriculum
  • Web-based Professional Development Materials
  • Online Registration & Payment System for Parents
  • Templated Communications for Parents
Become A Camp Leader

Set up your camp

Register with BoomWriter

Camp Leader Registration is coming soon but you can register your interest using the link below.

Select a day to schedule your camp

Each camp session runs for 5-consecutive days, Monday-Friday.

Become A Camp Leader

Create the Camp schedule

Schedule of Time Windows

  • 1. Writing

    Campers receive a short instructional lesson before creating and submitting their own written work online.
  • 2. Review & Revision

    You review submissions and send personalized feedback to campers. Campers revise entries and then repost.
  • 3. Voting

    You initiate the peer review process where campers read and select the best of their fellow campers’ work.
  • 4. Winning Chapter Announcement

    You check to see the winning entry, make final edits, and address the highlighted strengths of the selected chapter.
How BW Camps Work

Choose your story start

BoomWriter has developed a bank of story start first chapters predesigned for Camp Leaders to choose for each camp.

Promote Your Camp

Customize your own outreach page using BoomWriter's templates

Become A Camp Leader