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Celebrate Digital Learning Day
with BoomWriter!

Digital Learning Day is Friday, March 13th and we invite you and your students to participate in our fun, quick, & techy activity using WordWriter! Share how your class is using BoomWriter to celebrate with hashtag #DLDay

Conduct a fun & quick WordWriter activity with your students around the question:

“How has technology in the classroom helped me learn?”

Have your students explore what technology means to them and how they can and/or already do benefit from digital learning in the classroom!

Other ideas to consider: Are there certain devices you’re using in the classroom? What kinds of technology do you like to work with best? Is there other technology that could help you learn better?

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You can also choose to include our special Digital Learning Day vocabulary!

Just copy and paste all the words (commas included!) right into WordWriter and the terms will be added to the Word Bank:

digital, learning, education, technology, classroom, device, Internet, research, personalized, innovative

Feel free to include some classroom-specific vocabulary of your own!

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