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BoomWriter is used in over 26,000 classrooms worldwide, and now BoomWriter for Districts provides a complete and impactful edtech experience for your teachers and students, regardless of your district’s in-school computer/device access. BoomWriter for Districts includes access to BoomWriter’s core group writing tools, resulting in students’ improved writing performance, content assessment skills, vocabulary development and technology use proficiency.

Participating teachers receive upgraded memberships to PRO, BoomWriter’s premium suite of features and exclusive tools, that lets teachers consistently assess students’ writing using standard-based rubrics in order to track individual growth. BoomWriter for Districts includes teacher and school/district administrator access to student progress data for better assessment of writing proficiency, while providing more personalized and impactful levels of instruction.

For Districts...

District and school level administrators will value BoomWriter’s ability to easily and consistently generate performance data around student writing across all subject areas. This data will help teachers make informed decisions around writing instruction throughout the year, while supporting the district’s ongoing efforts to measure students’ progress and growth.

For Students...

Students will enjoy the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with classmates in a safe and secure digital environment. Students will enjoy the interactive writing and voting process that makes BoomWriter’s tools so unique, while developing and enhancing their writing, assessment and technology skills.

For Teachers...

Teachers will feel supported by the accompanying professional development and ongoing support from the BoomWriter staff. They will also appreciate the flexibility of BoomWriter’s tools that can be easily integrated into existing curriculum across all subject areas. Teachers will love PRO’s helpful rubrics and progress analytics, that can aid in guiding their classroom instruction.

For Families...

Families will appreciate that BoomWriter is kidSAFE certified, knowing their students’ are learning safely in a closed digital environment. Families will also love reading the group-published projects created by the students, containing each participant’s name and demonstrating the power of technology use within their school district!

“BoomWriter has delivered a complete, cost-effective and easily managed edtech experience at the elementary, middle and high school levels across virtually all subject areas within our district. Our administrators, teachers and students all love it!”
Mary Gormley, Superintendent,
Milton Public Schools

BoomWriter for Districts includes:

  • Professional Development
    • On-site & On-demand Professional Development Sessions
    • Ongoing Technical and Educational Support
  • Enhanced Teacher Tools
    • PRO Memberships for all Participating Teachers
    • Online Assessment Tool and Growth Monitoring Using Standards-based Writing Rubrics
  • Copies of Published Stories and Projects
    • Group Published Stories and Projects for all Participating Students and Teachers
  • Analytics
    • Administrator Performance Data & Analytics Dashboard
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“…The writing format presented in Boom​Writer really prepared [my students] for completing written response​s​ in an online testing format. This may seem like a small detail, but in education, if I can make my students familiar with an online format, it makes it that much easier when they complete the online test.”
Stephanie Marion,
Seventh Grade ELA Teacher,
Marlboro Memorial Middle School


Case Study

Read how BoomWriter assisted a Boston-area school district’s one-to-one device initiative selection process and helped to improve students’ writing output levels.

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How The BoomWriter Process Works

Quick overview of BoomWriter’s unique writing and peer assessment process that powers all three tools:

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