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Students can share and review their peers’ work and anonymously vote for their favorite entries.

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Students' writing and peer review efforts are rewarded using Boomer Bucks virtual currency allowing students to 'style up' their avatars.

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Students continually build their writing portfolio and can even become authors of group published books.

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With our award winning collaborative writing tools, you can write a story with your class, create vocabulary-focused assignments, and strengthen and assess your students' knowledge.

It is not just for ELA, we complement core or supplemental instruction in all areas.

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Built-in Grading System:

Easily grade students’ submissions using standard-based rubrics to track individual and whole class performance.

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A Proven Effective Method

Students read, write, share and then vote to determine the winning entry, and are inspired to produce their best work for an authentic audience.

Plus, our unique scalable voting system works for classes/groups ranging in size from five to five thousand students!

The 2019 Writing Bee Finals: Writing & Voting Times

Chapter 2
  • Writing: June 3 - 5
  • *Voting: June 6
  • Chapter Winner Announced: June 7
Chapter 3
  • Writing: June 10 - 12
  • *Voting: June 13
  • Chapter Winner Announced: June 14
Chapter 4
  • Writing: June 17 - 19
  • *Voting: June 20
  • Writing Bee Winner Announced: June 21
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* All students who took part in a Writing Bee Qualifying session are invited to participate in the Voting portion of The Finals, so please login and cast your votes to help steer the story and identify The Writing Bee Champion!

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